Summers-Knoll School

Rachel Goldberg, Head of School
Year Founded: 1995

Coed, Day, K-Grade 8

2203 Platt Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Tel: 734-478-5934

Summers-Knoll is dedicated to providing an academically stimulating environment in which intellectually curious children can learn in an engaging, inspiring atmosphere. This is an active learning environment; students absorb concepts rapidly and advance their skills in adventurous ways. Gifted students thrive here, as do creative thinkers and rapid learners.

As a school grounded in the progressive tradition, we are hands-on, experiential and dedicated to a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and personal growth. We believe education is about continually developing ourselves to our highest capability. 

Our goal is not only to prepare our students for the next educational step; it’s to support them as fully realized human beings, with the resources to live richly and mindfully, to embrace intellectual curiosity as a way of life, to be open to opportunity and exploration as well as to walk a confident, skillful path with strong intentions and the will to do good.