Steppingstone School

Kiyo Morse, Head of School
Year Founded: 1981

K-5 Lower School
6-8 Middle School

640 Church St., Room 119
Plymouth, MI 48170

Tel: 248-957-8200
Fax: 248-957-8203

Steppingstone School, the Center for Gifted Education, has served Michigan students since 1981 with the philosophy that every student deserves a satisfying, challenging and joyful educational experience, including the gifted student.  Gifted learners are an underserved and at-risk population without differentiated learning experiences in the classroom. Differentiated learning based on individual abilities, keeps gifted students engaged, functioning well in school and able to maximize his/her potential contributions to self and society. Our school is committed to addressing the academic, intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of gifted students, grades Pre-K through Grade 8.

With an established track record of academic excellence, Steppingstone students are taught at their individual ability level and challenged with the next level of instruction as soon as they have reached mastery of the subject matter.  As a result, our average student performs math two grades above level and reads 2 to 5 grades above level. Steppingstone has the only independent, educational program in southeast Michigan that is solely focused on serving the needs of students who have performed in the gifted range according to an individually administered IQ evaluation.

Providing a strong math and science curriculum, Steppingstone also provides a home for the Steppingstone MAgnetic Resonance Training (SMART) Center. The only one of its kind in the nation, the SMART Center provides training and access to an authentic research laboratory experience with Electron Spin Resonance instrumentation plus data collection and analysis equipment normally available only to graduate students at major universities. This educational experience is regularly provided for Steppingstone Pre-High School students, Grades 6-8, as part of their annual science curriculum.