Eton Academy

Pete Pullen, Head of School
Year Founded: 1986

Coed, Day, Grades 1-12

1755 East Melton Rd
Birmingham, MI 48009

Tel: 248-642-1150

Our Mission
To educate 1st-12th grade students with reading, attention and other learning challenges by building academic skills and self-confidence in an accepting and supportive environment.

Our Method
Not all children are the same. And not all children learn the same, either. This is at the heart of the Eton Approach,™ a proprietary teaching method that looks at children as individuals and develops techniques based on their specific learning challenges. By blending rigorous multisensory academics, brain-based research and specialized teacher training with open lines of communication among educators, students and parents, no one is left behind. And we’re able to unlock years of frustration and turn them into years of empowered focus.

Our Students
Smart kids. Highly functioning kids. Kids who struggle in a traditional classroom setting. Students with ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, auditory processing challenges, reading deficiencies, process-speed challenges, dyscalculia and nonverbal learning differences have all excelled at Eton.

Approximately 217 students from 50 cities across Southeastern Michigan attend this National Exemplary School in Birmingham. After attending Eton Academy for an average of three to five years, most students are equipped to return to their public or private schools. Of those who graduate from Eton, 96% percent go directly to college or other specialized programs.

Eton Academy is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of Central States.