Academy of the Scared Heart

Damian Hermann, Head of School
Year Founded: 1851

Infant/Toddler Program (6 wks to 2 1/2 yrs)-Grade 12
 - Coed, Day through Grade 4
 - Girls and Boys Schools, Day, Grades 5-8
 - Girls, Day, Grades 9-12

1250 Kensington Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Tel: 248-646-8900
Fax: 734-646-4143

At the Academy of the Sacred Heart, students become creative thinkers, ethical problem solvers and tomorrow's leaders of conscience.  Approximately 500 students attend the Academy, Michigan's oldest independent school.  Co-educational learning begins with the Infant/Toddler Program, and continues through Lower School, while single-gender education characterizes the Academy's Kensington Hall (boys, grades 5-8) and Middle and Upper School (girls, grades 5-12).  The school offers a safe learning environment distinguished by smaller class sizes and individual attention, where all students benefit from a tradition of community service and experiential thinking outside the classroom.

The Academy's mission has always focused on global education and all aspects of diversity.  The Academy is a member of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, which includes 24 schools in the U.S. - Canada and affiliation with educational institutions in 41 countries around the world.  The student body represents five continents and more than 30 communities in southeastern Michigan.  Eleven native languages are spoken and approximately 30% of students are non-Catholic.

Rooted in more than 160 years of experience, young women and men educated at the Academy of the Sacred Heart recognize the exemplary nature of their experience as they find their way to first-tier colleges and universities of their choice and ultimately to leadership positions in corporations, communities, families and service-based organizations.  The Academy of the Sacred Heart begins with infants and graduates leaders.