About AIMS.

The Association of Independent Michigan Schools (AIMS) is the not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support and advance independent education in Michigan. Currently serving 26 of the state’s most high-achieving schools, the purposes of AIMS are:

  • To contribute to the improvement of academic education and to maintain and expand the strength of the independent schools in Michigan as an avenue for effective alternate education programs.
  • To encourage exchange of information among member schools, serve as a point of contact between member schools and their various publics, including governmental bodies, and to further the improvement of education at all levels.
  • To offer collaborative opportunities to benefit members on a more efficient or economical basis or to otherwise enable members to fulfill the foregoing general purposes.


Incorporated by the state of Michigan in 1989, AIMS is the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to support and advance independent education in Michigan. The organization was developed out of the shared desire to foster and preserve independence and freedom of choice in education in the state. Throughout its history, member schools have worked collaboratively to facilitate professional development, student programming and other opportunities to enhance our strong learning communities.



The mission of AIMS is to develop and foster a strong community of schools, to promote their value, and to provide professional development and collaborative opportunities.


Meredith Schindler

President, Board of Trustees

David Feldman

Vice President, Board of Trustees

John Nickel, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Bart Bronk

Member, Board of Trustees

Catherine Calder

Member, Board of Trustees

Andy Zimmer

Middle School Director, Member, Board of Trustees